March/April 2020 Events

*V.O.N Community Room is located at 1705 London Line

Coffee Group: at Coffee Lodge on Exmouth, every Tuesday: March 10th, March 24th, March 31st, Still Tuesday, April 14th, April 21st, April 28th

Do you enjoy good coffee, great food, meeting new people, and socializing with old friends? If so, then, join us for the Coffee Group! (coffee image) This group meets at the Coffee Lodge on Exmouth Street @ 1:00 pm

Please note, as we have grown in numbers, the Coffee Lodge has agreed to reserve the back section of tables for us by the windows and benches . This will allow us to have our own space, without creating any barriers for the other customers.

*For more space, noise reduction, and de-bustling Coffee Group has moved on March 10th and April 7th*

BIASL Golden Mile Café: at the V.O.N Community Room, still Tuesday March 10th, still Tuesday April 7th @  1 pm

Join us at the VON once a month for a coffee hour social with survivors, caregivers and family members where drinks and treats are provided.


Family & Caregiver Support Group: at V.O.N Community Room, Wednesday March 11th @ 6:00 pm, Thursday April 2nd @ 10 AM

We know that Brain Injury does not affect the survivor alone. Caregivers need an opportunity to speak with other caregivers.


Lunch Out: at Brownstones, 1000 Finch Drive Sarnia, Friday March 13th @ 12 pm 

Enjoy some ‘pub grub’ at BrownStones; Located at 1000 Finch Drive in Sarnia.


B I N G O:    at V.O.N Community Room, Monday March 16th @ 1 – 2:30 pm

Bring your luck and try your luck atta the fun of BINGO .


St. Patrick’s Day Pot Luck: V.O.N Community Room, Tuesday March 17th, @ 12 – 2:30 pm

Bring the luck of the Irish and your favourite dish to Share.


Randon Informative Hour: V.O.N Community Room, Monday March 23rd @ 1 pm 

Hosted by our own survivor Joe Smit (…), have you heard the word “randon” mentioned in the news?? Evern wonder what it’s all about.? Find out all about the history, the health risks, the ways to test for… and how to reduce the levels of RANDON GAS in your home. This informative session is from a Health Canada approved randon testing professional, who has taken courses and examinations regarding randon gas. Ask any questions you have, and then decide for yourself whether randon gas is a significant health risk for you and your family.


Drumming and Tai Chi Chair: V.O.N Community Room, Wednesday March 25th, @ 1:30 pm

Relax; body  -&-  mind.


Card Making: V.O.N Community Room, Wednesday April 8th, 1 – 3 pm

Come out and enjoy an afternoon of exquisite, enveloping, nicely done creative, card making with Carolyn.


Spring Flower Pots: V.O.N Community Room, Wednesday April 15th, @ 1 – 3 pm

Come out and make some beautiful spring flower pots that are sure to bring out the warm weather.


Lunch Out:    SOUPS UP      Thursday April 16th @ 12 pm  

Enjoy some delicious soup at Soups Up located at 1143 Confederation Street in Sarnia


OBIA Peer Mentor Training: V.O.N COmmunity Room, Monday April 20th, @ 9am – 2 pm

Become a mentor & help others; those who are interested must be pre – registered. Please contact Lori for more information.


Making Memories Scrapbooking: V.O.N Community Room, Wednesday April 29th @ 1 to 3 pm

Come out & enjoy an afternoon of Scrapbooking & honour your memories.




Unofficial Posting

All events adapt to the facticity of BIASL in an access able way, this website person is trying to keep up with schedule adaptations and event differences and is Brain Injured; please do check with the Brain Injury Association of Sarnia Lambton and expect a tad delay for our caring, so as to not overwork, as BIASL seeks, develops, acts with due process and delegates the fulfillment of:

A keen individual(s), with previous knowledge of BIASL, volunteer/member/soon when legitimized “employee” , to run the office, act as volunteer/member liaison, office attendant, social leisure assistant, public relations consultant, have previous validated understanding of the process, expectations and guidelines for administering et all knowledge of Non Profit employment safety, standards, practices, resources and scheduling, all the while assisting with – not limited to – data entry electronique calculator (computer) skills person whom reports to BIASL and helps out at events, welcomes new members, communicates with the Board of Directors, BIASL volunteers, the Social Leisure Coordinator Lori and when familiar, members.